Hao-Ze Huang

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E3 ubiquitin ligases are attractive drug targets due to their specificity to the ubiquitin machinery. However, the development of E3 ligase inhibitors has proven challenging for the fact that they must disrupt protein-protein interactions (PPIs). The E3 ligase involved in interactome provide new hope for the discovery of the E3 ligase inhibitors. These(More)
Rapid Overlay of Chemical Structures (ROCS), which can rapidly identify potentially active compounds by shape comparison, is recognized as a powerful virtual screening tool. By ROCS, a class of novel Hsp90 inhibitors was identified. The calculated binding mode of the most potent hit 36 guided us to design and synthesize a series of analogs (57a-57h). Over(More)
Hsp90 as a promising therapeutic target for the treatment of cancer has received great attention. Many Hsp90 inhibitors such as BIIB021 and CUDC-305 have been in clinical. In this paper shape-based similarity screening through ROCS overlays on the basis of CUDC-305, BIIB021, PU-H71 and PU-3 were performed to discover HSP90 inhibitors. A set of 19 novel(More)
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