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In this paper, we present our system description in task of Cross-lingual Textual Entail-ment. The goal of this task is to detect entailment relations between two sentences written in different languages. To accomplish this goal, we first translate sentences written in foreign languages into English. Then, we use EDITS 1 , an open source package, to(More)
With the goal of ensuring availability of security services such as encryption and authentication, we initiate the study of leakage-resilient threshold cryptography, for achieving formal security guarantee under various key-exposure attacks. A distinctive property of threshold cryptosystems is that a threshold number of secret keys are used in the main(More)
In certificateless public key encryption (CL-PKE), the Private Key Generator (PKG) keeps a master secret key to generate a partial private key corresponding to a user's identity. Together with a secret value generated by the user, a full private key can be constructed for decryption. Traditional security model for CL-PKE assumes that (i) both the master(More)
MOTIVATION One of the recently developed statistics for identifying differentially expressed genetic networks is Hotelling T2 statistic, which is a quadratic form of difference in linear functions of means of gene expressions between two types of tissue samples, and so their power is limited. RESULTS To improve the power of test statistics, a general(More)
MOTIVATION Reverse engineering of genetic regulatory networks from experimental data is the first step toward the modeling of genetic networks. Linear state-space models, also known as linear dynamical models, have been applied to model genetic networks from gene expression time series data, but existing works have not taken into account available(More)
It is widely recognized that the three-dimensional (3D) architecture of eukaryotic chromatin plays an important role in processes such as gene regulation and cancer-driving gene fusions. Observing or inferring this 3D structure at even modest resolutions had been problematic, since genomes are highly condensed and traditional assays are coarse. However,(More)
The goal of semantic dependency parsing is to build dependency structure and label semantic relation between a head and its modifier. To attain this goal, we concentrate on obtaining better dependency structure to predict better semantic relations, and propose a method to combine the results of three state-of-the-art dependency parsers. Unfortunately, we(More)
This paper describes the ICT Statistical Machine Translation systems that used in the evaluation campaign of the International Workshop on Spoken Language Translation (IWSLT) 2009. For this year's evaluation, we participated in the Challenge Task (Chinese-English and English-Chinese) and BTEC Task (Chinese-English). And we mainly focus on one new method to(More)
Tree-based statistical machine translation models have made significant progress in recent years, especially when replacing 1-best trees with packed forests. However, as the parsing accuracy usually goes down dramatically with the increase of sentence length, translating long sentences often takes long time and only produces degenerate translations. We(More)