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A Multi-Axis Annotation Scheme for Event Temporal Relations
A new multi-axis modeling to better capture the temporal structure of events is proposed and it is identified that event end-points are a major source of confusion in annotation, so it is proposed to annotate TempRels based on start-points only. Expand
Joint Reasoning for Temporal and Causal Relations
This paper forms the joint problem as an integer linear programming (ILP) problem, enforcing constraints that are inherent in the nature of time and causality, and shows that the joint inference framework results in statistically significant improvement in the extraction of both temporal and causal relations from text. Expand
Improving Temporal Relation Extraction with a Globally Acquired Statistical Resource
It is shown that existing temporal extraction systems can be improved via this resource and that interesting statistics can be retrieved from this resource, which can potentially benefit other time-aware tasks. Expand
UI CCG TAC-KBP2017 Submissions: Entity Discovery and Linking, and Event Nugget Detection and Co-reference
The EDL system extended Illinois Cross Lingual Wikifier, with nominal detection and linking and a module for enforcing coherent assignments of links across the entity mentions, was developed for all three evaluation languages: English, Chinese and Spanish. Expand
Easy, Reproducible and Quality-Controlled Data Collection with CROWDAQ
This work introduces CROWDAQ, an open-source platform that standardizes the data collection pipeline with customizable user-interface components, automated annotator qualification, and saved pipelines in a re-usable format and hopes it will be a convenient tool for the community. Expand
ILLINOIS-PROFILER: Knowledge Schemas at Scale
In many natural language processing tasks, contextual information from given documents alone is not sufficient to support the desired textual inference. In such cases, background knowledge aboutExpand
Strategy 3 with CNN 15 Input Word Embedding Linguistic Feature Embedding Left LSTMs Right LSTMs Left LSTMs Character Embedding Word Embedding Right LSTMs
In this paper we present TinkerBell, a state-of-the-art end-to-end cold-start knowledge base construction system that extracts entity, relation, event and sentiment knowledge from three languagesExpand