Hao Wenkang

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Growth of stand average DBH is discussed based on relationship between stand growth and stand density. Growth equation of stand average DBH is fitted with data of 65 plots and 130 stem analyses of site index 18 meter of old-growth Larch (Larix gmelinii Rupr.) collected in Great Xing’an Mountain in Inner Monglia. Variable-density yield tables of old-growth(More)
Normal yield tables forLarix gmelimii (Rupr) Rupr. were constructed from 228 temporary sample plots. A normal stand was defined as having the maximum growth rate parameter, based on the theory of forest growth. Basal area growth curves were described with Richard’s equation according to Von-Bertalanffy’s growth theory and allometric law. The growth rate(More)
Site quality of larch (Larix gmelinii Rupr.) in Da Xingan Mountain in Inner Mongolia was studied systematically with about 1000 temporary plots and computer software. The nature of site class and site index curve was discussed in view of general mathematical model of height growth. The height growth of dominant tree of four divisions of forest stands were(More)
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