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Lead is a ubiquitous environmental and industrial pollutant. Exposure to excessive amounts of lead is especially harmful to the central nervous systems of infants and young children, and oxidative stress has been reported as a major mechanism of lead-induced toxicity. To evaluate the ameliorative potential of antioxidant mangiferin (MGN) on lead-induced(More)
The heavy metal cadmium is a non-degradable pollutant. By screening the effects of a panel of metal ions on the phosphatase activity, we unexpectedly identified cadmium as a potent inhibitor of PPM1A and PPM1G. In contrast, low micromolar concentrations of cadmium did not inhibit PP1 or tyrosine phosphatases. Kinetic studies revealed that cadmium inhibits(More)
Internet technology is advancing with each passing day, the user's demand is also increasing. Of course the users will more concern to quality of service. The vendors must find out a win win method of resource allocation to meet users and itself. Therefore, the resource allocation of cloud computing has become one of hottest topics. In literatures, some(More)
This paper presents the results of design, installation and field measurement of a prototype underwater-turbine-generator-based micro hydro power (MHP) generation system. The studied MHP system employs the flowing water energy of the agricultural irrigation of one of the irrigation ditches of Yunlin Farmland Irrigation Association, Taiwan. Fundamentally,(More)
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