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Dielectrophoresis-based cell separation has significant promise for separation of cells from heterogeneous mixtures based on their electrical properties and is used in diverse areas ranging from hematopoietic stem cell purification to cancer cell isolation. The electrical properties of cells in heterogeneous populations determine if and how well cell(More)
Mechanical phenotyping of single cells is an emerging tool for cell classification, enabling assessment of effective parameters relating to cells' interior molecular content and structure. Here, we present iso-acoustic focusing, an equilibrium method to analyze the effective acoustic impedance of single cells in continuous flow. While flowing through a(More)
1: Overview. a) Mixed cell populations introduced into a microfluidic channel flow along the electrodes due to the combined action of hydrodynamic (F HD) and DEP (F DEP) forces. b) As the cells pass by the microscope objective, we take images, from which we extract the distance from the cells to the electrode centerline (the balance position, δ) and optical(More)
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