Hao-Song Kong

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This paper presents a newly developed adaptive fuzzy post-filter for removing blocking and ringing artifacts in the highly compressed images and videos. The proposed post-filter adoptively adjusts its filtering window size and the spread parameter in the fuzzy membership function according to the variance value in an edge map. The post-filtering operation(More)
This paper presents a new adaptive post-filtering algorithm for blocking and ringing artifact reduction. The proposed method extracts local statistics and constructs an edge map of the image. Based on the edge map information, blocking and ringing artifacts are detected, and then reduced by an edge map guided filter. The proposed method specifically targets(More)
This paper presents a new method using fuzzy filtering to remove the coding artifacts in compressed video. The method takes interlaced video format into consideration and processes each field format into consideration and processes each field separately. For deblocking, a 1-D fuzzy filter with different window size is used to remove the horizontal and(More)
This paper presents a newly developed region-on-interest (ROI) transcoding method for JPEG 2000 images, which can be used for many progressive image/video streaming applications. The proposed method takes advantage of the empty packet property provided by JPEG 2000 standard to elevate the priority of the ROI. Baased on the user specified ROI information and(More)
This paper presents a new adaptive approach for blocking and ringing artifact reduction. In order to avoid smearing of the image details, the proposed method first performs visual artifacts detection and then applies adaptive filtering to the corrupted blocks. Both visual artifacts detection and filtering are guided by an edge map which is constructed based(More)
Two novel error resilient approaches are proposed respectively, to replenish intra and inter frame in this work. First we propose a spatial-domain error concealment method to conceal corrupted still images and intra-coded (I) frames. It can recursively restore pixels from the previously concealed pixels, which are selected by a proposed evaluation method.(More)
This paper presents a new algorithm for MPEG-2 transcoding with spatial resolution reduction. The proposed method combines rate control and mode decision to achieve optimal transcoding performance using Lagrange multiplier algorithm. Since the proposed method incorporates motion vector mapping and mode decision into a single Lagrange multiplier formula, by(More)
This paper presents an implementation of a post-filtering algorithm for the reduction of vido coding artifacts in highly compressed video based on a fuzzy filtering approach. The implementation considers two fast methods for obtaining the filter weights, which are incorporated into a practical scheme for calculating the filter output
This paper describes the application of transcoding techniques for high quality DVD recording. The architecture of a DVD recording system is presented, along with an optimal algorithm to perform quantization scale selection and mode decision in the transcoder. The experimental results show that the proposed optimal transcoding scheme outperforms the(More)