Hao-Sen Chen

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On the basis of low-cost, rich resources, and safety performance, aluminum-ion batteries have been regarded as a promising candidate for next-generation energy storage batteries in large-scale energy applications. A rechargeable aluminum-ion battery has been fabricated based on a 3D hierarchical copper sulfide (CuS) microsphere composed of nanoflakes as(More)
An ultrafast rechargeable multi-ions battery is presented, in which multi-ions can electrochemically intercalate into graphite layers, exhibiting a high reversible discharge capacity of ≈100 mAh g-1 and a Coulombic efficiency of ≈99% over hundreds of cycles at a high current density. The results may open up a new paradigm for multi-ions-based(More)
Let Σ be a set of n genes. A chromosome G can be represented as a permutation of Σ. A subset D of Σ is a δ-set of G if two consecutive genes in G∩D has distance at most δ. For a set G of m chromosomes, a set D is a δ-team of G if D is a δ-set of every chromosome of G. Given a gene set Σ, a chromosome set G, and an integer δ, the gene team finding problem is(More)
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