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Genetic transformation of creeping bentgrass mediated by Agrobacterium tumefaciens has been achieved. Embryogenic callus initiated from seeds (cv. Penn-A-4) was infected with an A. tumefaciens strain (LBA4404) harboring a super-binary vector that contained an herbicide-resistant bar gene driven either by the CaMV 35S promoter or a rice ubiquitin promoter.(More)
TaCCoAOMT1 is located in wheat chromosome 7A and highly expressed in stem and root. It is important for lignin biosynthesis, and associated with stem maturity but not lodging resistance. Caffeoyl coenzyme A 3-O-methyltransferases (CCoAOMTs) are one important class of enzymes to carry out the transfer of the methyl group from S-adenosylmethionine to the(More)
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