Hao Qiu

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Developments in semiconductor technology are propelling the dimensions of devices down to 10 nm, but facing great challenges in manufacture at the sub-10 nm scale. Nanotechnology can fabricate nanoribbons from two-dimensional atomic crystals, such as graphene, with widths below the 10 nm threshold, but their geometries and properties have been hard to(More)
Conducting polymer nanostructures have received increasing attention in both fundamental research and various application fields in recent decades. Compared with bulk conducting polymers, conducting polymer nanostructures are expected to display improved performance in energy storage because of the unique properties arising from their nanoscaled size: high(More)
Balancing energy consumption and prolonging network lifetime have been hot topics in energy limited wireless sensor networks (WSNs). It is generally known that multiple sensor nodes collaborating with each other to perform tasks are an important means of energy balancing. In addition, a reasonable task allocation strategy is also an efficient method for(More)
With the widespread exposure of people to nicotine through recreational use of tobacco products, research into nicotine has attracted increasing attention. Tobacco smoking is by far the most important cause of lung cancer. As the world's largest producer and consumer of tobacco products, China bears a large proportion of the global burden of smoking-related(More)
This paper focuses on stock replenishment and shipment scheduling with deteriorating item for vendor-managed inventory systems. In consideration that demand process follows a typical Poisson process, hybrid replenishment and dispatching model with correction for VMI is proposed, and a combined solving approach named OSJCA is presented. As approximation of(More)
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