Hao Ni

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Most recommender systems recommend a list of items. The user examines the list, from the first item to the last, and often chooses the first attractive item and does not examine the rest. This type of user behavior can be modeled by the cascade model. In this work, we study cascading bandits, an online learning variant of the cascade model where the goal is(More)
We propose a set of features to study the effects of data streams on complex systems. This feature set is called the the signature representation of a stream. It has its origin in pure mathematics and relies on a relationship between non-commutative polynomials and paths. This representation had already signifcant impact on algebraic topology, control(More)
—Online handwritten Chinese text recognition (OHCTR) is a challenging problem as it involves a large-scale character set, ambiguous segmentation, and variable-length input sequences. In this paper, we exploit the outstanding capability of path signature to translate online pen-tip trajectories into informative signature feature maps using a sliding(More)
The signature of a path provides a top down description of the path in terms of its effects as a control [Differential Equations Driven by Rough Paths (2007) Springer]. The signature transforms a path into a group-like element in the tensor algebra and is an essential object in rough path theory. The expected signature of a stochas-tic process plays a(More)