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Natural products, as major resources for drug discovery historically, are gaining more attentions recently due to the advancement in genomic sequencing and other technologies, which makes them attractive and amenable to drug candidate screening. Collecting and mining the bioactivity information of natural products are extremely important for accelerating(More)
—Incentive-based demand response in electric distribution grid has been recently proposed as an alternative to price-based mechanism. In this paper, the performance of a coupon incentive-based demand response (CIDR) in a real world setting is formulated and critically assessed. In the scheme of CIDR, load serving entities (LSEs) issue coupons to consumers(More)
In competitive electricity market systems such as Texas, Load Serving Entities (LSEs) purchase energy in a wholesale market and then sell it in a retail market. In wholesale market, LSEs see dynamic real-time prices, whereas in retail market, LSEs typically provide flat rate contracts to end-consumers. An intuitive idea to induce savings for LSEs is to(More)
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