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We consider the problem of a Load Serving Entity (LSE) trying to reduce its exposure to electricity market volatility by incentivizing demand response in a Smart Grid setting. We focus on the day-ahead electricity market, wherein the LSE has a good estimate of the statistics of the wholesale price of electricity at different hours in the next day, and(More)
—Incentive-based demand response in electric distribution grid has been recently proposed as an alternative to price-based mechanism. In this paper, the performance of a coupon incentive-based demand response (CIDR) in a real world setting is formulated and critically assessed. In the scheme of CIDR, load serving entities (LSEs) issue coupons to consumers(More)
The present study aimed to observe the therapeutic effect of high-intensity focused ultrasound for the treatment of allergic rhinitis (AR) using nasal endoscopy. A total of 72 patients with perennial AR received treatment using the CZB ultrasonic therapeutic instrument with nasal endoscopy. A scoring method was adopted for evaluation of effectiveness(More)
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