Hao-Ming Liang

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Multimedia wireless network QoS support has become one of the most important researches in recent years. IEEE wireless 802.11e is the most hopeful among these methods. However, 802.11e experiment performance metrics are essentially network-level measures. They represent the network state, not the perceptual quality of the end user. This paper presents an(More)
This paper proposes a novel backoff algorithm to enhance the distributed coordination function (DCF) function in IEEE 802.11 based wireless networks. The proposed algorithm, known as pause count backoff (PCB) algorithm, observes the number of backoff counter pauses during the channel access contention and sets the appropriate contention window, based on the(More)
Video streaming over wireless networks is a challenging task due to high packet loss rate, low available bandwidth, and burst packet losses problems. Accordingly, this paper extends our previous works to propose Forward Error Correction with Interleaving mechanism combining Cognitive Technology (FECI-CT) for video streaming over wireless networks. FECI-CT(More)
This paper addresses the QoS support issue of IEEE 802.11e in multirate networks. Prior researches focused on the "performance anomaly" problem without QoS consideration. We show the QoS support is insufficient in the current 802.11e standard and related methods make it worse by using NS-2 simulation tests. We propose a hybrid method that maintains the(More)
Over the past few years, several backoff algorithms such as Exponential Increase Exponential Decrease (EIED) and Adaptive Enhanced Distributed Coordination Function (AEDCF)) have been proposed for wireless local area networks to improve channel access. We propose a new backoff technique that monitors the number of backoff counter pauses experienced and(More)
The IEEE 802.16j standard supports multihop relay function for WiMAX network. The relay technique could enhance the signal strength and help the devices to compete the shadow fading effect from buildings. How to allocate resource becomes an important issue in recent research. In this paper, we discuss the resource allocation with directional antenna in IEEE(More)
Multimedia communications over the Internet have undergone considerable growth in recent years thanks to various mature technologies. However, the well-known wireless standard IEEE 802.11 cannot provide adequate bandwidth and jitter for multimedia communications. In this paper, a dual-mode access scheme with QoS features is proposed to solve the asymmetric(More)
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