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This paper presents a design on a small robotic fish with infrared remote receiver and IPMC actuator, and verifies that using IPMC as an actuator is feasible. In our experiment, we compare results of the robotic fish's speed in different actuating signal, such as square wave and sine wave. We also give the results of robotic fish's speed in different(More)
This paper presents a new system architecture of the competitive robot over the Internet based on C/S, realizes a human-robots interactive game over the Internet, does some researches on its characteristics, and describes the architecture, software programming and the key technology of each parts in details. The whole system adopts the technology of Windows(More)
Ion-exchange polymer metal composite(IPMC) is one kind of electroactive polymer(EAP) material, which is also called artificial muscle. Like most smart materials, such as piezoelectric, shape memory alloys (SMA), hysteresis also exits in IPMC. Based on the property of classic Preisach model, a discrete Preisach model, which was simulated using MATLAB,(More)
The IPMC has perceived performance, so it can be used for making micro-force sensor. But its sensing signal is very weak, a greater influence on perception from the environmental noise signals. In the paper, we design a micro-force sensor system based on IPMC. The current signal conversion of analog circuit, voltage signal amplification, signal processing(More)
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