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We present here a new computational method for discovering cis-regulatory elements that circumvents the need to cluster genes based on their expression profiles. Based on a model in which upstream motifs contribute additively to the log-expression level of a gene, this method requires a single genome-wide set of expression ratios and the upstream sequence(More)
This paper presents a system for performance-based character animation that enables any user to control the facial expressions of a digital avatar in realtime. The user is recorded in a natural environment using a non-intrusive, commercially available 3D sensor. The simplicity of this acquisition device comes at the cost of high noise levels in the acquired(More)
We present a framework and algorithms for robust geometry and motion reconstruction of complex deforming shapes. Our method makes use of a smooth template that provides a crude approximation of the scanned object and serves as a geometric and topological prior for reconstruction. Large-scale motion of the acquired object is recovered using a novel(More)
We present a registration algorithm for pairs of deforming and partial range scans that addresses the challenges of non-rigid registration within a single non-linear optimization. Our algorithm simultaneously solves for correspondences between points on source and target scans, confidence weights that measure the reliability of each correspondence and(More)
Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) are extensively used in image and video recognition, natural language processing and other machine learning applications. The success of CNNs in these areas corresponds with a significant increase in the number of parameters and computation costs. Recent approaches towards reducing these overheads involve pruning and(More)
Removal of rain streaks in video is a challenging problem due to the random spatial distribution and fast motion of rain. This paper presents a new rain removal algorithm that incorporates both temporal and chromatic properties of rain in video. The temporal property states that an image pixel is never always covered by rain throughout the entire video. The(More)
In this paper, we introduce the second version of Microsoft Research Asia Multimedia (MSRA-MM), a dataset that aims to facilitate research in multimedia information retrieval and related areas. The images and videos in the dataset are collected from a commercial search engine with more than 1000 queries. It contains about 1 million images and 20,000 videos.(More)
The initial stages of pancreatic development occur early during mammalian embryogenesis, but the genes governing this process remain largely unknown. The homeodomain protein Pdx1 is expressed in the developing pancreatic anlagen from the approximately 10-somite stage, and mutations in the gene Pdx1 prevent the development of the pancreas. The initial stages(More)
This paper introduces a web image search reranking approach that explores multiple modalities in a graph-based learning scheme. Different from the conventional methods that usually adopt a single modality or integrate multiple modalities into a long feature vector, our approach can effectively integrate the learning of relevance scores, weights of(More)
We introduce a method for generating facial blendshape rigs from a set of example poses of a CG character. Our system transfers controller semantics and expression dynamics from a generic template to the target blendshape model, while solving for an optimal reproduction of the training poses. This enables a scalable design process, where the user can(More)