Hao Lan Zhang

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Topological theory of intelligent agent networks provides crucial information about the structure of agent distribution over a network. Agent network topologies not only take agent distribution into consideration but also consider agent mobility and intelligence in a network. Current research in the agent network topology area adopts topological theory from(More)
Group awareness has become important in improving the usability of real-time, distributed, collaborative writing systems. However, the current set of implemented awareness mechanisms is insufficient in providing extensive and comprehensive awareness in collaborative authoring. Certainly, current mechanisms, such as telepointers and multiuser scrollbars,(More)
Social recommendation methods, often taking only one kind of relationship in social network into consideration, still faces the data sparsity and cold-start user problems. This paper presents a novel recommendation method based on multi-relational analysis: first, combine different relation networks by applying optimal linear regression analysis, and then,(More)
In spite of the rising demands for reusable information systems, current designs are still insufficient in providing efficient reusable mechanisms for system design. One of the major problems hindering the development of information reuse in most traditional systems, which include component-based systems and object-oriented systems, is the lack of the(More)