Hao Guo

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Characterizing the errors in satellite-based precipitation estimation products is crucial for understanding their effects in hydrological applications. Six precipitation products derived from three algorithms are comprehensively evaluated against gauge data over mainland China from December 2006 to November 2010. These products include three satellite-only(More)
Knowledge of current vegetation dynamics and an ability to make accurate predictions of ecological changes are essential for minimizing food scarcity in developing countries. Vegetation trends are also closely related to sustainability issues, such as management of conservation areas and wildlife habitats. In this study, AVHRR and MODIS NDVI datasets have(More)
We propose an approach for estimating non-rigid correspondences between two shapes that can handle articulation and deformation of the surfaces to be matched. It operates on open or closed surfaces represented by point clouds and, therefore, it can be applied on other representations that can be converted into point clouds. Our method is capable of(More)
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