Hao-Fan Peng

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The scope of the series is designed to cover as much of the subject matter as possible – from physics and chemistry to biology and medicine, and from basic science to applications. At present, the most significant subject areas are concentrated in basic science and mainly within physics and chemistry, but as time goes by more importance will inevitably be(More)
Common Reed (Phragmites australis) is a wetland plant which is distributed worldwide, has a high biomass production, and provides important ecosystem services. In many developing and emerging countries it is an easily available and cheap raw material for diverse utilization, which may contribute significantly to employment and income generation for the(More)
and Processing of Monodisperse Oligo(fluorene-co-bithiophene)s into v ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I want to express my foremost gratitude to my thesis advisor, Professor Shaw H. Chen. His interdisciplinary and integral view of research has made this thesis possible. His guidance, exceptional work ethics, and persistence will continue to be an inspiration to my future(More)
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