Hao-Chun Ting

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We report a new efficient intramolecular [3 + 2]-cycloaddition of unactivated arenyne (or enyne)-yne functionalities, catalyzed mainly by the AuPPh3SbF6 complex (2 mol %) under ambient conditions. The value of this cyclization is reflected by its applicability to a wide range of diyne substrates bearing various functional groups.
An amine-free oligothiophene-based dye (BTB) featuring a tailor-made dianchoring function, a spiro-configured central unit, and bulky end-capping TIPS groups to diminish intermolecular interactions and to suppress aggregation-induced self-quenching was synthesized to achieve efficient dye-sensitized solar cells with a high power conversion efficiency of(More)
Two donor-acceptor-acceptor (D-A-A)-type molecules incorporating nitrobenzoxadiazole (NBO) as the A-A block and ditolylamine as the D block bridged through a phenylene (PNBO) and a thiophene (TNBO) spacer were synthesized in a one-step coupling reaction. Their electronic, photophysical, and thermal properties; crystallographic analysis; and theoretical(More)
Facebook and LINE are the two popular social media in Taiwan. This research aims to understand users' behavior(features) and strong/weak ties within the social network as well as if users have been drifted on two social media. We used social network analysis (UCINET) to analyze the features of users and the motivation of drifting on two platforms. Three(More)
Four new molecules with a donor-acceptor-acceptor (D-A-A) configuration, in which 2,1,3-benzoxadiazole or 2,1,3-benzoselenodiazole were adopted as the central bridging acceptor, were synthesized as electron donors for small-molecule organic solar cells. In conjunction with two previously reported 2,1,3-benzothiadiazole-based compounds, the influences of the(More)
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