Hao-Bing Liu

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A major challenge for the lab-on-a-chip (LOC) community is to develop point-of-care diagnostic chips that do not use instruments. Such instruments include pumping or liquid handling devices for distribution of patient's nucleic-acid test sample among an array of reactors and microvalves or mechanical parts to seal these reactors. In this paper, we report(More)
A high-flux metallic micro/nano-filtration membrane has been fabricated and validated for isolation of waterborne pathogens from drinking water. Obtained membrane with smooth surface and perfectly ordered pores was achieved by a high yield and cost effective multilevel lithography and electroplating technique. The micro-fabricated membrane was also(More)
An air venting element on microchannel, which can be controlled externally and automatically, was demonstrated for manipulating liquid plugs in microfluidic systems. The element's open and closed statuses correspond to the positioning and movement of a liquid plug in the microchannel. Positioning of multiple liquid plugs at an air venting element enabled(More)
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