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In previous research, a watershed-based algorithm was shown to be useful for automatic lesion segmentation in dermoscopy images, and was tested on a set of 100 benign and malignant melanoma images with the average of three sets of dermatologist-drawn borders used as the ground truth, resulting in an overall error of 15.98%. In this study, to reduce the(More)
A porous-wall hollow glass microsphere (PW-HGM) was investigated as an optical resonator for chemical vapor sensing. A single mode optical fiber taper was used to interrogate the microresonator. Adsorption of chemical molecules into the nanosized pores induced a refractive index change of the thin wall and thus a shift in its resonance spectrum. The PW-HGM(More)
In this paper, an unsupervised approach based on Evolving Vector Quantization (EVQ) is presented for enhancing dermatology images for skin lesion segmentation. Vector Quantization (VQ) as a famous compression technique has been widely used in image signal compression and speech signal compression. The EVQ algorithm extends the Linde, Buzo, and Gray (LBG)(More)
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