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Prevention of neuronal damage by calcium channel blockers with antioxidative effects after transient focal ischemia in rats
BACKGROUND Cerebral ischemia is a major leading cause of death and at the first place cause of disability all over the world. There are a lot of drugs that are in experimental stage for treatment ofExpand
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Cohort Profile: The China Jintan Child Cohort Study.
including negative behavioural outcomes.The Jintan Cohort Project was established in thesummer of 2004 to help address these concerns onlead exposure and other environmental and health-relatedExpand
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To Risk or Not to Risk?: Improving Financial Risk Taking of Older Adults by Online Social Information
Increasing number of older adults manage their retirement savings online. A crucial element of better management is to take rational financial risk -- to strike a reasonable balance between expectedExpand
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The Optimal Sequence of Prices and Auctions
A seller chooses to either post a price or run a reserve-price auction each period to sell a good before a deadline. Buyers with independent private values arrive over time. Assume that an auctionExpand
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Hydrophilic interaction and reversed-phase ultra-performance liquid chromatography TOF-MS for metabolomic analysis of Veratrum nigrum-induced cardiotoxicity.
The acute cardiotoxicity induced by Veratrum nigrum (VN) is explored by analyzing heart tissue metabolic profiles in mouse models and applying reversed-phase liquid chromatography mass spectrometryExpand
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Pre-matching gambles
Labor-Market and Marriage-Market Outcomes by Age at Marriage: Theory and Evidence
When to marry is by choice and depends on labor-market and marriage-market conditions. In this paper, I first document labor-market and marriage-market outcomes by age at marriage for birth cohortsExpand
Essays in matching, auctions, and evolution
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Preference Evolution in Different Marriage Markets
We examine the evolution of preferences under different arrangements of the marriage market, when preferences are influenced by own choices and parents’ preferences. Multiple stable equilibria ariseExpand
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Two-Sided Matching
We will study the two-sided matching problems today, and focus on the strand of research that has provided theoretical foundations to the field of market design combining engineering, economics, andExpand