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This brief is concerned with the stability for static neural networks with time-varying delays. Delay-independent conditions are proposed to ensure the asymptotic stability of the neural network. The delay-independent conditions are less conservative than existing ones. To further reduce the conservatism, delay-dependent conditions are also derived, which(More)
This brief is concerned with delay-dependent stability for neural networks with two additive time-varying delay components. By constructing a new Lyapunov functional and using a convex polyhedron method to estimate the derivative of the Lyapunov functional, some new delay-dependent stability criteria are derived. These stability criteria are less(More)
Robustly quadratic dissipative analysis and control for a class of uncertain multivariable linear discrete-time systems are considered. The uncertainties are expressed in a linear fractional form. By constructing augmented systems, the robustly quadratic dissipative analysis and control for the uncertain systems are converted into the quadratic dissipative(More)