Hanyi Li

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— Experimental evaluation of navigation algorithms requires physical robots as well as position sensing devices. The common alternative is to use simulations to run the experiments. However, simulation often does not provide an accurate prediction of real-world behavior. Therefore, in this paper, we present an innovative approach towards evaluation of(More)
— Precise position is necessary for a robot to reliably localize itself and navigate in the environment. Robot position can be calculated internally or acquired from an external system. This paper presents a software architecture of a vision-based robot tracking system that can provide precise position information as well as identification of many robots.(More)
This paper describes a Demo showing the role of the Tele-workbench in the validation process of a multi-agent system, e.g., a traffic management system. In the Demo, we show the capability of the Teleworkbench in seamlessly bridging the simulation and experimentation with real robots. During experiments, important information is logged for analysis purpose.(More)
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