Hanyi Ding

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This paper presents a tunable transmission line (t-line) structure, featuring independent control of line inductance and capacitance. The t-line provides variable delay while maintaining relatively constant characteristic impedance using direct digital control through FET switches. As an application of this original structure, a 60 GHz RF-phase shifter for(More)
Feasibility of wideband on-chip RF switch operating at millimeter wave frequencies using PIN diodes in IBM .13 mum SiGe technology is demonstrated. A SPDT reflective switch targeting 60 GHz wireless and radar applications is designed, fabricated, and measured. Good correlations between simulation and hardware are reported. Measured data show 2.0 to 2.7 dB(More)
RF designs such as phased array antenna systems make use of on-chip electronically controllable delay elements. This paper presents simulations and measurements of on-chip variable delay transmission lines with fixed characteristic impedance in two different technologies. EM simulations in a 130 nm BiCMOS technology show a delay change of 15.6 % is possible(More)
Xerophytic stomatal traits may help plants maintain photosynthetic rates under water deficit; however, such adaptations are not well understood. A pot experiment was conducted with two winter wheat cultivars (Pubing 143, Zhengyin 1) during the grain-filling period. Net photosynthetic rate (P N) and chlorophyll (Chl) content were significantly less affected(More)