Hanyang Tong

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Markov random field MRF is a widely used probabilistic model for expressing interaction of different events. One of the most successful applications is to solve image labeling problems in computer vision. This paper provides a survey of recent advances in this field. We give the background, basic concepts, and fundamental formulation of MRF. Two distinct(More)
Generalized belief propagation GBP is a region-based belief propagation algorithm which can get good convergence in Markov random fields. However, the computation time is too heavy to use in practical engineering applications. This paper proposes a method to accelerate the efficiency of GBP. A caching technique and chessboard passing strategy are used to(More)
This paper presents a novel object-oriented stereo matching on multi-scale superpixels to generate a low-resolution depth map. It overcomes the classic downsampling methods' disadvantages, such as boundary blurring, outlier enlargement and foreground objects merging to background, etc. The approach we exploited is to segment the image in three scales'(More)
The paper is to propose a framework to qualitatively and quantitatively evaluate five of state-of-the-art over-segment approaches. Moreover upon over-segments evaluation, an efficient approach is developed for dense stereo matching through robust higher-order MRFs and graph cut based optimization, which combines the conventional data and smoothness terms(More)
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