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Determinants of Knowledge Sharing in University Academic Team
  • Hanyang Luo
  • Psychology
  • Second International Symposium on Knowledge…
  • 30 November 2009
This research examines the determinants of knowledge sharing in university academic team utilizing an integrated model which posits that three sets of factors-knowledge-related, team member'Expand
Empirical Research on the Evolution of Consumers' Trust in B2C E-business in China
Extant studies have not yet combined trust and satisfaction with loyalty theoretically over the longitudinal stages. Little empirical studies have addressed how trust evolves over time, which resultsExpand
The impact of filler interface on online users' perceived waiting time
A conceptual model is proposed, two different filler interfaces are designed, and cognitive absorption factors such as focused immersion, temporal dissociation, and heightened enjoyment are considered as antecedents of PWT, which in turn affect users' evaluations of Web sites. Expand
Web Data Extraction Based on XBRL-GL Taxonomy
A wrapper generator is designed by combining the data extraction technique with XBRL technology based onXBRL-GL taxonomy that can transform HTML documents to XML forms according to the analysis of HTML document structure and then use XPath to locate the data. Expand
Antecedents of Knowledge Transfer in E-learning
  • Hanyang Luo
  • Computer Science
  • International Conference on Wireless Networks and…
  • 28 December 2009
An integrated theoretical model is developed that posits that knowledge transfer is influenced by four sets of factors: knowledge-related, transfer contextual, teacher-related and student-related aspects, and demonstrates that all four aspects have a significant influence on knowledge transfer in E-learning. Expand
Empirical Research on the Impact of Internet Word of Mouth on Customer Citizenship Behavior
As the most important source, Internet word of mouth (IWOM) and online review, from which Internet consumers get product and service information, have become the key factors which influenceExpand
Research on Initial Trust in a B2C E-Vendor
One of the most important reasons why many web users do not shop online is the lack of trust in e-vendors. This research proposes a model to examine how new consumers develop their initial trust in aExpand
An empirical study on the effect of consumer complaints handling on consumer loyalty
Timely and effectively handling of customer complaints, can not only eliminate customer dissatisfaction, but also increase customer satisfaction with and loyalty to the enterprise. Thus, exploringExpand
Empirical research on consumers' initial trust and gender differences in B2C e-business
Based on the Technology Acceptance Model and related literatures, this paper proposes an integrated conceptual model of consumers' initial trust in B2C e-business. Empirical research results showExpand
Research on the Design of Network Courses Based on Constructivism
The author presents some design principles of network courses, which includes Principle of guidance and initiative, Principle of real scene and Principle of collaborative learning, and then introduces the overall structural design of a network course: Survey on E-commerce. Expand