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OsEXPB2, a β-expansin gene, is involved in rice root system architecture
Expansins are cell wall loosening proteins which generally play important roles as endogenous regulators in plants. Here we report a rice (Oryza sativa L.) β-expansin gene, OsEXPB2, which encodes aExpand
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Regulation of the α-expansin gene OsEXPA8 expression affects root system architecture in transgenic rice plants
Expansins are cell wall proteins implicated in the control of plant growth via loosening of the extracellular matrix, and are encoded by a large gene family. However, data linked to loss of functionExpand
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Photosynthetic and physiological analysis of the rice high-chlorophyll mutant (Gc).
Chlorophyll (Chl) molecules are essential for harvesting light energy in photosynthesis. A rice high-chlorophyll mutant (Gc) with significantly increased Chl b was identified previously in ZhenshanExpand
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Mutation of OsDET1 increases chlorophyll content in rice.
As an important agronomic trait, the chlorophyll (Chl) content is closely related to photosynthesis in plants. A rice mutant Gc (Oryza sativa indica) was characterized previously by its enhanced ChlExpand
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The De-Etiolated 1 Homolog of Arabidopsis Modulates the ABA Signaling Pathway and ABA Biosynthesis in Rice
OsDET1 modulates ABA signaling pathway and ABA biosynthesis, leading to contradictory phenotypes related to ABA in OsDET1 deficiency transgenic plants. DEETIOLATED1 (DET1) plays a critical role inExpand
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Localization of OsTLP27 in thylakoid lumen is required for accumulation of photosynthetic proteins in rice
Abstract We previously identified an AtTLP homolog, OsTLP27, in rice, whose overexpression improves chloroplast ultrastructure and photochemical efficiency. However, its molecular role in photosystemExpand
Corrigendum to “Mutation of OsDET1 increases chlorophyll content in rice” [Plant Sci. 210 (2013) 241–249]
The authors regret that the original publication of the article contained an error on page 241. The corresponding author Guixue Wang was incorrectly affiliated to the Institute of Rice, ChongqingExpand
Polygenic analysis of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria for completely autotrophic nitrogen removal
This study investigated the functional microbial community in a sequencing batch biofilm reactor (SBBR) for completely autotrophic nitrogen removal over nitrite (CANON), and analyzed the phylogeneticExpand