Hany S. Hussein

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Eight wether lambs fitted with ruminal, duodenal, and ileal cannulas were used in a replicated 4 x 4 Latin square design to study the effects of carbohydrate and protein sources on ruminal protein metabolism and carbohydrate fermentation and intestinal amino acid (AA) absorption. Treatments were arranged as a 2 x 2 factorial. Carbohydrate sources were corn(More)
Fish meal (FM) as a protein supplement in ruminant diets is presented to illustrate production responses to FM supplementation and to explain the possible factors that may affect the magnitude of these responses. Positive responses are consistently detected when FM is fed to nonruminants, but the responses when fed to ruminants have lacked consistency.(More)
Four diets containing 15% CP were formulated to study the effects of dietary carbohydrate and protein sources on N metabolism and carbohydrate fermentation by ruminal bacteria. Diets were supplied to eight dual-flow continuous culture fermenters during three experimental periods in a randomized complete block design. Six replications were obtained for each(More)
Long-term feedlot studies have shown positive effects (i.e., improved ADG and reduced morbidity and mortality) of dietary supplementation with ethoxyquin (AGRADO). This may be due to improving the antioxidant capacity at the ruminal, postruminal, or postabsorption levels. This study was designed to investigate the role of ethoxyquin at the rumen level. A(More)
An in situ protein degradation trial and two growth trials were conducted to evaluate the use of fish meal (FM) as a protein supplement in feeder lamb diets. Finn cross and Hampshire lambs were given ad libitum access to corn diets, minerals, and water. In Growth Trial 1, four isonitrogenous (12.6% CP on a DM basis) and isocaloric (77% TDN) diets were(More)
In 3D multi-view video coding (MVC), disparity estimation (DE) are used to exploit the correlation among different view sequences. The DE process greatly increases the computational complexity of the MVC. In this paper, a novel independent low complexity multi-view video coder (I-MVC) is introduced. In the proposed MVC, the coding complexity is shifted from(More)
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