Hany L. Abdel-Malek

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Absrmer-This paper presents a new approach to optimal design centering, the optimal assignment of paramete-r tolerances and the determination and optimization of production yield. Based upon muftidimensionaf linear cuts of the tolerance orthotope and uniform distributions of outcomes between tolerance extremes in the orthotope, exact formulas for yield and(More)
Sensitivity analysis, in the frequency domain, of fractional order elements is presented in this paper. The derivation involves the sensitivity with respect to the fractional orders α and β as well. A system of adjoint matrix approach is used. Design of optimal filters that integrates the extra degrees of freedom given by the fractional orders(More)
In this article, a novel derivative-free (DF) surrogate-based trust region optimization approach is proposed. In the proposed approach, quadratic surrogate models are constructed and successively updated. The generated surrogate model is then optimized instead of the underlined objective function over trust regions. Truncated conjugate gradients are(More)
A hierarchical neural-network-based approach for circuit tuning at the post-fabrication stage is proposed. In this approach, measurements that characterize the behavior of the circuit under test are first selected. The best candidates of circuit parameters for tuning are also determined. A training set comprising the selected circuit measurements is then(More)
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