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With the tremendous growth of the web and the contents difference, users need specialized accurate results depending on their behavior and varying according to their interest. In this paper, we introduce A Personal Search Engine which provides results relevant to the user's interest. Our search engine depends on three factors to ensure relevant and accurate(More)
Despite the enormous number of documents and the huge amount of information contained in the Internet, the information search process is still difficult and unsatisfactory. The main reason behind this is that the search engines use the traditional search which depends on the keywords not on the concepts as semantic search engines. Tim Berners-Lee invented(More)
Recently, some problems related to using the Real-time Control Protocol (RTCP) in a very large dynamic group have arisen. Some of these problems are: feedback delay, increasing storage state at every member, and ineffective RTCP bandwidth usage, especially for the receivers that obtain incoming RTCP reports through low bandwidth links. More schemes are(More)
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