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Software design is a process of trading off competing objectives. If the user objective space is rich, then we should use optimizers that can fully exploit that richness. For example, this study configures software product lines (expressed as feature maps) using various search-based software engineering methods. As we increase the number of optimization(More)
The Search-Based Software Engineering (SBSE) community is increasingly recognizing the inherit “multiobjectiveness” in Software Engineering problems. The old ways of aggregating all objectives into one may very well be behind us. We perform a well-deserved literature survey of SBSE papers that used multiobjective search to find Pareto-optimal(More)
Software product lines are hard to configure. Techniques that work for medium sized product lines fail for much larger product lines such as the Linux kernel with 6000+ features. This paper presents simple heuristics that help the Indicator-Based Evolutionary Algorithm (IBEA) in finding sound and optimum configurations of very large variability models in(More)
In Search-Based Software Engineering, well-known metaheuristic search algorithms are utilized to find solutions to common software engineering problems. The algorithms are usually taken "off the shelf" and applied with trust, i.e. software engineers are not concerned with the inner workings of algorithms, only with the results. While this may be sufficient(More)
Feature Models are popular tools for describing software product lines. Analysis of feature models has traditionally focused on consistency checking (yielding a yes/no answer) and product selection assistance, interactive or offline. In this paper, we describe a novel approach to identify the most critical decisions in product selection/configuration by(More)
The most important measure that must be considered in any software product is its design quality. Measuring of the design quality in the early stages of software development is the key to develop and enhance quality software. Research on object oriented design metrics has produced a large number of metrics that can be measured to identify design problems(More)
Software engineering and artificial intelligence are the two important fields of the computer science. Artificial Intelligence is about making machines intelligent, while Software engineering is knowledge –intensive activity, requiring extensive knowledge of the application domain and of the target software itself. This study intends to review the(More)
In our research, we are interested in modeling the radio network part of the GSM system in order to apply in-house developed framework for timing and performance analyses. Our approach in both timing and performance analyses was introduced in former works, and is based on applying the proposed techniques on UML-based simulation models of systems' dynamic(More)
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