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  • Hanxiao Shi
  • 2006 IEEE International Conference on Information…
  • 2006
Ant colony algorithms analogize the social behaviour of ant colonies, they are a class of meta-heuristics which are inspired from the behavior of real ants. It was applied successfully to the well-known traveling salesman problem and other hard combinational optimization problems. In order to apply it to the classical 0/1 knapsack problem, this paper(More)
Online product reviews are becoming increasingly available. Generally, potential customers usually wade through a lot of online reviews in order to make an informed decision. We tackle the problem of semantic understanding for consumer reviews based on semantic role labeling, which implements shallow semantic analysis. In this paper, a sentiment mining and(More)
As an alternative to X-ray crystallography, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) has also emerged as the method of choice for studying both protein structure and dynamics in solution. However, little work using computational models such as Gaussian network model (GNM) and machine learning approaches has focused on NMR-derived proteins to predict the residue(More)
Interactive gender inference aims to infer the genders of the two involved users in a communication from the interactive text. In this paper, we address this task by proposing a joint inference approach which well incorporates label correlations among the instances. Specifically, an Integer Linear Programming (ILP) approach is proposed to achieve global(More)
Personal skill information on social media is at the core of many interesting applications. In this paper, we propose a factor graph based approach to automatically infer skills from personal profile incorporated with both personal and skill connections. We first extract personal connections with similar academic and business background (e.g. co-major,(More)
In this paper, a dependency tree-based semantic role labeling (SRL) system is proposed. Firstly, this paper introduces current SRL research situation, analyses syntactic tree-based SRL and dependency tree-based SRL comparatively. System accomplishes predicate identification, and automatically creates dependency relation using a dependency parser. Then,(More)