Hanxiao Gao

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Existing ground movement surveillance technologies at airports are subjected to limitations due to shadowing effects or multiple reflections. Therefore, there is a strong demand for a new sensing technology, which will be cost effective and will provide detection of non-cooperative targets under any weather conditions. This paper aims to present a new(More)
The identification of the entire genetic code of human DNA is more or less completed. With this knowledge, research in identifying the real information lying in the genes, will begin. This information is contained in the proteins, which are the main biological actors in the cell. For this reason proteins will be targeted in biological investigations in the(More)
This paper proposes an improved droop control strategy based on changeable reference in low-voltage microgrids. To restore running frequency of distributed generation to a rated value without affecting its reactive power output, changeable frequency reference, mainly compensating for frequency deviation, are proposed corresponding to various load demands.(More)
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