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Real-time clothing animation has wide applications in many areas such as the design industry and e-commerce. Existing cloth simulation techniques based on the physical model can produce realistic animation effect. But they often incur a high computational load and hence are very time-consuming. GPU has become more widely used for high performance computing(More)
The dynamics-based 3D cloth simulation has very broad applications. Generally, it involves mathematical modeling, collision detection between objects, self-collision detection for deformable object, and numerical solution of differential equations. As a result, the final simulation software system is usually complex. On the other hand, currently no suitable(More)
With its more realistic simulation effects, the dynamic-based three dimensional clothes animation technique has very broad applications in e-commerce, virtual reality. As an essential part of clothes animation, the dressing process also has important impact to the overall system performance and applicability. Especially in the virtual network dressing room(More)
Virtual clothing animation is an important area in computer graphics and related applications. In this paper a clothing animation system is presented which incorporates a novel adaptive update method for over-stretching treatment. This method differs from the traditional treatment by adaptively updating those cloth vertices most likely caused by(More)
Dynamics-based 3D virtual clothes animation has a great application prospect in textiles, animation, and E-commerce. However, because of its large amount of calculation in clothes simulation, the current PC is still difficult to achieve real-time requirement, especially the numerical integration is rather time-consuming, leading to clothes animation have(More)
Currently efficient collision detection is one of the major performance bottlenecks in real-time clothing animation, especially when the models have thousands of or more vertices. To further improve the performance of collision process, this paper presents a fast collision detection scheme, called local collision impact region. In such a clothing animation(More)
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