Hanuman D Mallubhotla

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Lignolytic enzymes such as laccase have been difficult to over-express in an active form. This paper describes the expression, characterization, and application of a fungal laccase in maize seed. The transgenic seed contains immobilized and extractable laccase. Fifty ppm dry weight of aqueously extractable laccase was obtained, and the remaining solids(More)
Bovine trypsin (EC is an enzyme that is widely used for commercial purposes to digest or process other proteins, including some therapeutic proteins. The biopharmaceutical industry is trying to eliminate animal-derived proteins from manufacturing processes due to the possible contamination of these products by human pathogens. Recombinant trypsin(More)
A novel method of producing controlled vortices was used to reduce both concentration polarization and membrane fouling during microfiltration of Saccharomyces cerevisiae broth suspensions. The method involves flow around a curved channel at a sufficient rate so as to produce centrifugal instabilities (called Dean vortices). These vortices depolarize the(More)
The microfiltration performance of a novel membrane module design with helically wound hollow fibers is compared with that obtained with a standard commercial-type crossflow module containing linear hollow fibers. Cell suspensions (yeast, E. coli, and mammalian cell cultures) commonly clarified in the biotechnology industry are used for this comparison. The(More)
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