Hansueli Stohler

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Derivatives in the class of 9-acridanone-hydrazones were found to be highly active against Schistosoma mansoni in baboons. Single doses of 25 mg/kg were fully effective. Data are presented showing changes detected by ELISA in antibody levels against schistosome eggs which correlated positively with the effect of chemotherapy. This approach may help to(More)
The discovery of the natural peroxides qinghaosu (arteannuin A, artemisinin) (1) and yingzhaosu A (3) from traditional Chinese herbal medicines was a major advance in the search for new antimalarials (Fig. 1). Whereas qinghaosu can be produced from natural sources and has been well studied, yingzhaosu A has never been available for full evaluation as(More)
The sesquiterpene peroxide Ro 42-1611 (arteflene), a synthetic derivative of yingzhaosu, was evaluated extensively against various drug-sensitive and drug-resistant lines of Plasmodium falciparum in vitro and P. berghei in vivo in mice. The potential therapeutic and prophylactic activities were studied comparatively with the standard antimalarials(More)
An der Erprobungsphase nehmen in England, Frankreich und Deutschland 7 Reiseveranstalter und 60 Reisebüros teil. Der Pilotbetrieb beginnt im April dieses Jahrs und erstreckt sich über sechs Monate. Er soll Erkenntnisse über die Nutzungsart und -intensität, die Kosten und die Akzeptanz des elektronischen Reisekatalogs beim Kunden bringen. sebüro-Mitarbeiter(More)