Hanspeter Amstutz

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The glycosylation pattern of chCE7, an antineuroblastoma chimeric IgG1, was engineered in Chinese hamster ovary cells with tetracycline–regulated expression of β(1,4)–N–acetylglucosaminyltransferase III (GnTIII), a glycosyltransferase catalyzing formation of bisected oligosaccharides that have been implicated in antibody–dependent cellular cytotoxicity(More)
In many cases the multiple genes coding for one specific tRNA are dispersed throughout the genome. The members of such a gene family nevertheless maintain a common nucleotide sequence during evolution. A major mechanism contributing to this concerted evolution is intergenic conversion. Here we show that it occurs between three tRNA genes of related sequence(More)
Three hundred and six heifers were randomly assigned to treatment groups in a three by six factorial design. Treatments were ovariectomy, melengestrol acetate (MGA), manual abortion, intramuscular estradiol cypionate (ECP) or Prostaglandin F2alpha and untreated controls. The Average Daily Gain (ADG) of the Ovariectomized Group was less (p < .01) during the(More)
The Schizosaccharomyces pombe centromere-linked genes, LYS1 and CYH1 on chromosome I and TPS13 and RAN1 on chromosome II, have been isolated. The genetic order of these markers with respect to their centromeres was determined to establish relative directionality on the genetic and physical maps. Chromosome walking toward the centromeres reveals a group of(More)
Successive rounds of mutagenesis of a Schizosaccharomyces pombe strain bearing the UGA-reading sup3 tRNASer suppressor have been carried out for two cycles of inactivation and reactivation of the suppressor. The suppressor phenotype at each stage was found to involve different combinations of three mutations, A30, A53, and A67, in the sup3-UGA gene. Single(More)
We developed a new vector for gene targeting of neuroblastoma (NB) cells, based on the utilization of a monoclonal antibody (chCE7) covalently linked to polylysine (PL). In the presence of chloroquine, chCE7–PL–DNA complexes transfected NB cells as efficiently as DOTAP, transfectam, TF-X50 or lipofectamine. This was demonstrated by transfection of the(More)
A single recombinant immunoglobulin G1 (IgG1) anti-RhD antibody (MonoRho) was compared with a currently used polyclonal anti-RhD product (Rhophylac) in a phase 1 study for safety, efficacy of Rhesus D (RhD)-positive red blood cell (RBC) clearance, and prevention of RhD immunization in RhD-negative men challenged with 15 mL RhD-positive RBCs. Both the(More)
Twenty beef calves weighing approximately 180 kg were allotted to 3 groups. In group A, 6 calves were given 25 mg of mycelial monensin/kg of body weight orally and were evaluated at 1, 2, and 4 days for clinical, ECG, clinicopathologic, and pathologic alterations. In group B, 7 calves were given a single dose of monensin (40 mg/kg) and 5 were given a 2nd 40(More)