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As the complexity of digital filters is dominated by the number of multiplications, many works have focused on minimizing the complexity of multiplier blocks that compute the constant coefficient multiplications required in filters. Although the complexity of multiplier blocks is significantly reduced by using efficient techniques such as decomposing(More)
—To improve memory bandwidth and power consumption in video applications, a new memory-interface architecture is proposed. The architecture adopts an array address-translation technique to utilize the fact that video-processing algorithms have regular memory-access patterns. Since the translation can minimize the number of overhead cycles needed for(More)
The Hybrid Signed Digit (HSD) representation introduced in [9] employs both signed and unsigned digits and renders the maximum length of carry propagation equal to the maximum distance between two consecutive signed digits. This representation offers a continuum of choices from two's complement representation on one extreme (where there are no signed(More)
Semiconductor fabs are capital intensive. The rate of capital return heavily depends on their productivity. Accordingly, simulation has been adopted in many cases as a viable design and analysis tool to achieve better productivity. However, the gap between the simplistic simulation models and real complex systems has limited the confidence to apply(More)
Although steel has been the workhorse of the automotive industry since the 1920s, the share by weight of steel and iron in an average light vehicle is now gradually decreasing, from 68.1 per cent in 1995 to 60.1 per cent in 2011 (refs 1, 2). This has been driven by the low strength-to-weight ratio (specific strength) of iron and steel, and the desire to(More)
SUMMARY AirScope is a micro-scale modeling system as well as a micro-scale air quality monitoring system, which comprises as a micro-scale air quality management system. Importance of micro-scale air monitoring is rising due to the concern about environment near residential places. Traditional monitoring methods are providing overall air quality indexes.(More)