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The abundance and composition of marine debris including floating marine debris (FMD), seafloor marine debris (SMD) and beached marine debris (BMD) were investigated in coastal seawaters/beaches around the northern South China Sea during 2009 and 2010. The FMD density was 4.947 (0.282-16.891) items/km², with plastics (44.9%) and Styrofoam (23.2%)(More)
An automated storage and retrieval system is a new storage concept derived from a pallet-shuttle high-density-storage system. This new system (former system) has higher space utilization than the original one (latter system), and can store or retrieve palletized units automatically using automated storage & retrieval vehicles. In order to organize(More)
An autonomous-steerable-vehicle storage and retrieval system is a new storage concept, in which multiple automated storage & retrieval vehicles can concurrently perform compact three-dimensional automated storage or retrieval with the help of lifters. In this paper, six regulations, two corollaries, and one algorithm are presented for the rack design of(More)
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