Hansaben P. Desai

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MOTION PLANNING AND CONTROL OF COOPERATIVE ROBOTIC SYSTEMS Jaydev P. Desai Vijay Kumar James P. Ostrowski This thesis addresses the problem of motion planning for cooperative robotic systems. The problem of motion planning for a robotic system is stated as: Given initial positions and orientations and goal positions and orientations for a collection, C, of(More)
In the rabbit ileum Clostridium difficile toxin A causes inflammation and mucosal damage via a specific glycoprotein receptor that contains alpha-D-galactose. In rabbit colon toxin A also causes inflammation, and this is associated with increased myoelectric activity and eicosanoid production. The present in vitro study was undertaken to determine if a(More)
The intestinal effects of Clostridium difficile toxin A are inidated by toxin binding to luminal enterocyte receptors. We reported previously that the rabbit ileal brush border (BB) receptor is a glycoprotein with an alpha-d-galactose containing trisaccharide in the toxin-binding domain (1991. J. Clin. Invest. 88:119-125). In this study we characterized the(More)
Disease of the epiploic appendage remains a diagnostic challenge. We have seen a patient whose main preoperative findings were limited to an abnormal small bowel loop with thickened folds on a small bowel series, an association not previously reported, to our knowledge. We review the pertinent medical and radiological literature.
Development of anthelmintic resistance and high cost of conventional anthelmintic drugs lead to the evaluation of medicinal plants which acts as an alternative source of anthelmintics. The present study has been undertaken to perform the evaluation of anthelmintic activity of Plumbago zeylanica belonging to family Plumbaginaceae. In the current study,(More)
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