Hans van der Wal

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Home Garden Agrobiodiversity Differentiates Along a Rural—Peri–Urban Gradient in Campeche, México. Agrobiodiversity in tropical home gardens is thought to decline with increasing urbanization, but information in this regard is scarce. We characterized livelihoods and compared attributes of home gardens of rural, semi–rural, and peri–urban families in(More)
Economic Stratification Differentiates Home Gardens in the Maya Village of Pomuch, Mexico. In this paper, we analyze if economic stratification of peasant families in a Maya village in the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico influences species composition and structure of home gardens. Our general hypothesis was that composition and structure reflect a higher(More)
The evaluation of species and structural diversity of home gardens strongly depends on the methods used. We distinguish the biosocial and the bionumerical method. The first is widely used and takes data of the whole population of trees of home gardens to calculate diversity. The bionumerical method calculates diversity from data of a fixed number of(More)
We studied whether agrobiodiversity in home gardens reflects the cultural landscapes that embed them. We compared floristic composition, biomass and cover of trees in home gardens between the cultural landscapes on mountain slopes (MSL), small hills (SHL), and floodplains (FPL) in a segment of the Grijalva–Usumacinta watershed in the tropical lowlands of(More)
In the last three decades, self-governed robust institutions and design principles were emphasized for effective management of the commons including forests. However, little attention was given to institutional change and institutional performance. This paper addresses the relationship between institutional change and institutional performance under(More)
Societal processes of rural change and globalization may change homegardens and their contribution to the conservation of agrobiodiversity, particularly of species occurring naturally in regional vegetation. The best way to determine if this occurs is through longitudinal studies. We conducted such a study, inventorying tree species in a sample of 38(More)
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