Hans van Leeuwen

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Gene expression microarrays allow the quantification of transcript accumulation for many or all genes in a genome. This technology has been utilized for a range of investigations, from assessments of gene regulation in response to genetic or environmental fluctuation to global expression QTL (eQTL) analyses of natural variation. Current analysis techniques(More)
The q-deformed commutation relation aa ? qa a = 1 1 for the harmonic os-cillator is considered with q 2 ?1; 1]. An explicit representation generalizing the Bargmann representation of analytic functions on the complex plane is constructed. In this representation the distribution of a + a in the vacuum state is explicitly calculated. This distribution is to(More)
Plant genomes contain numerous genes (R-genes) that play a role in initiating defence measures against their particular pathogens. Defence mechanisms controlled by R-genes have been the focus of extensive research over the past several years. The majority of the R-genes described so far belong to a super-family of genes (150–600 members) that encode(More)
A bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) library from the dihaploid melon line `PIT92' was constructed with a 6 times coverage of the haploid melon genome. A contig of four BACs around the MRGH63 resistance gene homologue fragment was created. The complete sequence of a 117-kb BAC clone allowed to determine two clearly defined regions, the first one(More)
Hans van Leeuwen,a Daniel J. Kliebenstein,a Marilyn A.L. West,a Kyunga Kim,b Remco van Poecke,c Fumiaki Katagiri,c Richard W. Michelmore,a,d Rebecca W. Doerge,b and Dina A. St.Claira,1 a Department of Plant Sciences, University of California, Davis, California 95616 b Department of Statistics, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana 47907 c Department of(More)
Within the frame of the project GeoBIRD (ESA contract 12950/98/NL/GD entitled "Retrieval of geoand bio-physical information from remote sensing data") an attempt was made to derive soil moisture by combining the microwave remote sensing model CLOUD and the land surface process model PROMET-V (PROcess oriented Modular Environment and Vegetation model. Three(More)
Public concerns about offensive odor from livestock operations are on the rise, bringing up an increasing demand on odor treatment. In this work, a bench-scale standard gases generation and UV treatment system was built up, where standard gas mixtures including sulfuric compounds (H2S, methylmercaptan, ethylmercaptan, DMS and butylmercaptan), volatile fatty(More)
official position of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE), and its printing and distribution does not constitute an endorsement of views which may be expressed. Technical presentations are not subject to the formal peer review process by ASABE editorial committees; therefore, they are not to be presented as refereed(More)
ISEV 2014 is organized by Local Organizing Committee: Marca Wauben (Utrecht), Raymond Schiffelers (Utrecht), Michiel Pegtel (Amsterdam), Rienk Nieuwland (Amsterdam), Hans van Leeuwen (Rotterdam) & Esther Nolte-’t Hoen (Utrecht) Together with Executive ISEV Board (2012 – 2014) President: Jan Lötvall Secretary General: Clotilde Théry Treasurer: Janusz Rak(More)