Hans van Balen

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1. Synchronous fluctuations of geographically separated populations are in general explained by the Moran effect, i.e. a common influence on the local population dynamics of environmental variables that are correlated in space. Empirical support for such a Moran effect has been difficult to provide, mainly due to problems separating out effects of local(More)
The reliability of five simple techniques for the estimation of blood haemoglobin levels was studied under laboratory conditions. The methods tested were the Sahli technique, the Tallqvist method, and the Lovibond comparator with undiluted blood, blood diluted in Drabkin solution, and blood diluted in modified Drabkin solution. The Lovibond comparator(More)
This paper reports on some of the findings of a longitudinal multi-round investigation into the predictive power of early signs and symptoms of human African trypanosomiasis caused by T.b. gambiense, in the Rural Health Zone of Kasongo (Maniema, Zaire). It assesses the importance of the effect of age and a history of previously treated sleeping sickness on(More)
This descriptive study provides a typology of first referral level hospitals in sub-Saharan Africa. Data are provided on 88 mainly non-governmental hospitals in 25 African countries. They were obtained through a mail survey. The first aspect discussed is the place of the hospital within the spatial organization of the health care district: population served(More)
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