Hans du Buf

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Painterly rendering has been linked to computer vision, but we propose to link it to human vision because perception and painting are two processes that are interwoven. Recent progress in developing computational models allows to establish this link. We show that completely automatic rendering can be obtained by applying four image representations in the(More)
The visual cortex is able to extract disparity information through the use of binocular cells. This process is reflected by the Disparity Energy Model, which describes the role and functioning of simple and complex binocular neuron populations, and how they are able to extract disparity. This model uses explicit cell parameters to mathematically determine(More)
Discrete boundary triangulation methods generate triangular meshes through the centers of the boundary voxels of a volumetric object. At some voxel configurations it may be arbitrary whether a part of the volume should be included in the object or could be classified as background. Consequently, important details such as concave and convex edges and corners(More)
This paper introduces the project ADIAC (Automatic Diatom Identiication and Classiication), which started in May 1998 and which is nanced by the European MAST (Marine Science and Technology) programme. The main goal is to develop algorithms for an automatic identiication of diatoms using image information: both valve shape (contour) and ornamentation. The(More)
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