Hans de Bruin

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This paper introduces BCOOPL, which stands for Basic Concurrent Object-Oriented Programming Language. BCOOPL was designed to support component-based development. In particular, it focuses on the specification of weakly-coupled components and the specification of interaction sequences between them. BCOOPL supports two design patterns directly. The built-in(More)
Before it makes sense to embark upon e-commerce systems development, first the commercial and technical feasibility of an e-business idea must be established. To this end, we describe how needs and interests of various types of stakeholders can be expressed by different viewpoint models. We propose an extension of so-called use case maps (UCMs) to(More)
Innovative e-commerce initiatives present a new way of doing business. Since short time to market is a major requirement in e-commerce, and typically multiple parties (enterprises) are involved, multiple stakeholders have to be convinced quickly that the new way of doing business is technically feasible and economically profitable for them. Consequently, a(More)
Preface This thesis is the result of four years of research at the Vrije Universiteit in Am-sterdam. When I started as a PhD student, I did not really know what to expect. Looking back, these four years have been a very enjoyable time, in which I learned a lot. A number of people are to thank for that. First I would like to thank both my supervisors, Daan(More)
In most requirements engineering and software architecture documents, emphasis is placed on the chosen alternative. The discarded ones, and the arguments that led to a particular choice, are often not explicitly recorded and documented. This makes it difficult to retrace decisions and explore alternatives. We have developed a representation for capturing(More)