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Galanthamine, physostigmine and 9-amino-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroacridine (tacrine) were evaluated as inhibitors of human acetylcholinesterase activity from samples of postmortem human brain, fresh brain cortex biopsies and human erythrocytes. Acetylcholinesterase activity was most effectively inhibited in all tissues by physostigmine, followed by tacrine and(More)
  • H Barz
  • 1983
88 meningiomas were found among 8,371 autopsies. 29 meningiomas were associated with extraneural primary malignancies. In 4 cases a carcinoma metastasized into a meningioma. This unexpected high frequency of carcinomas metastasizing into meningiomas could be an accidental event. The preferential occurrence of meningiomas in females and the disposition of(More)
8 cases were studied to determine whether immunohistochemical investigation with anti-GFAP could contribute to confirming a primary brain tumor origin for an extracranial metastasis. The materials studied consisted of 3 glioblastomas, 3 anaplastic astrocytomas, and 2 medulloblastomas, along with their extracranial metastases. GFAP could be(More)
The frequency of haematogenous and lymphogenous metastases from 5,708 cancers of various types, confirmed on autopsies, decreased nearly continuously beyond the age of 60. Cases without metastases are found three times more in senility than in younger people. The decrease of tumor metastasis in elderly people is nearly the same for all kinds of cancers. In(More)
The arterial distensibility and the modulus of volume elasticity of more than 100 isolated human carotid arteries was measured and correlated with arteriosclerosis and aging. The loss of arterial distensibility progresses steadily with aging. Arteries with severe arteriosclerosis and arteries with minimal arteriosclerosis show almost similar distensibility.(More)
The present study reports the age specific prevalence rate of tumors in autopsies of the years 1958--1969, registered in the Medical Academy "Carl Gustav Carus" Dresden. The results refer to the total of all malignant tumors, to several tumor sites as well as to multiple simultaneous tumors. In many neoplasms highest prevalence occurs in presenile age(More)
UNLABELLED An image processing system for morphological investigation of liver cell nuclei in biopsy specimens is demonstrated. The present study deals with the age dependence of normal hepatic nuclear areas. The results were compared with those of conventional methods. MATERIAL AND METHODS The image processing system consists of a microscope, an image(More)
About 8-years old boy with a brief clinical history and postmortem findings of a subactue encephalomyelopathy (Leigh-Syndrom) is reported. Pathohistological features were found to be of microcyst formation, vascular proliferation, proliferation of astrocytes, fibrillary gliosis, partial destruction of the myelin sheaths, relative preservation of the cell(More)
PROBLEM Several authors reported age dependent changes of single morphometric parameters on liver cell nuclei. In this study a recently developed automatic morphometry system was applied to recording of many liver cell nuclei parameters in histologic sections of liver biopsies simultaneously. The relations of the automatically generated parameters according(More)
  • H Barz, B Beck
  • 1983
A case report with pleural mesothelioma, asbestosis and silicosis after long time exposure to talc dust has been given. Pathological findings, professional exposure, diagnostic aspects, and medical assessment of disablement are described. The relationship between the diseases of lungs and the professional exposure to talc dust as well as the possibility of(More)