Hans Weinberger

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Attention is drawn to the solitary solid tumors originating in the intra-abdominal mesenteries and in the omentum. These are rare lesions, each associated with an insidious onset and with a laterally ballotable mass frequently representing the only expression of disorder clinically. Some mesenchymal lesions have long eluded the pathologist and the surgeon(More)
The asymptotic behavior as t----infinity of the solutions with values in the interval (0, 1) of a reaction-diffusion equation of the form (Formula: see text) is studied. Conditions on m which are satisfied when m is nonincreasing in mu and which imply that every solution converges to some periodic limit function are found. Except in some very special and(More)
Peptides from small combinatorial libraries, covalently attached to polymeric TentaGel beads, can be directly sequenced using amino acid analysis. For libraries with restricted diversity, generated by the split-mix synthesis method, the amino acids on a selected single bead identified by pre-column derivatization with o-phthaldialdehyde (OPA) correlate(More)