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The Virtual-Reality Peripheral Network (VRPN) system provides a device-independent and network-transparent interface to virtual-reality peripherals. VRPN's application of factoring by function and of layering in the context of devices produces an interface that is novel and powerful. VRPN also integrates a wide range of known advanced techniques into a(More)
Pollination in flowering plants requires that anthers release pollen when the gynoecium is competent to support fertilization. We show that in Arabidopsis thaliana, two paralogous auxin response transcription factors, ARF6 and ARF8, regulate both stamen and gynoecium maturation. arf6 arf8 double-null mutant flowers arrested as infertile closed buds with(More)
It has been postulated that the wound healing in a closed submerged location is one of the prerequisites for osseointegration of dental implants. The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the tissue integration of intentionally non-submerged titanium implants inserted by a one-stage surgical procedure. 100 ITI implants were consecutively placed in 70(More)
BACKGROUND To validate the concept of early implant placement for use in the esthetically sensitive anterior maxilla, clinical trials should ideally include objective esthetic criteria when assessing outcome parameters. METHODS In this cross-sectional, retrospective 2- to 4-year study involving 45 patients treated with maxillary anterior single-tooth(More)
Plants synthesize many fatty acid derivatives, several of which play important regulatory roles. Jasmonates are the best characterized examples. Jasmonate-insensitive mutants and mutants with a constitutive jasmonate response have given us new insights into jasmonate signalling. The jasmonate biosynthesis mutant opr3 allowed the dissection of cyclopentanone(More)
The soft tissue reactions to non-submerged unloaded titanium implants were examined. A total of 24 implants were placed in 6 beagle dogs. The implants differed in their crestal area by having either a rough sandblasted, a fine sandblasted, or a polished surface. After 3 months, all implants were firmly anchored in the bone and had no clinical signs of(More)
The German joint research project Verb mobil VM aims at the development of a speech to speech translation system This paper reports on research done in our group which belongs to Verbmobil s subproject on system architectures TP Our spe ci c research areas are the construction of parsers for spontaneous speech investiga tions in the parallelization of(More)
The provenance, half-life and biological activity of malondialdehyde (MDA) were investigated in Arabidopsis thaliana. We provide genetic confirmation of the hypothesis that MDA originates from fatty acids containing more than two methylene-linked double bonds, showing that tri-unsaturated fatty acids are the in vivo source of up to 75% of MDA. The abundance(More)
Osseointegrated implants as anchors for various prosthetic reconstructions have become a predictable treatment alternative. It was expected that implants required submucosal placement during the healing period for successful tissue integration. However, it has been demonstrated that healing and long-term health of implants could be achieved with equal(More)