Hans-Walter Berresheim

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We examined whether the effects of intravenously injected insulin and glucose (the physiological endogenous insulin production stimulus) could be classically conditioned in healthy humans. We expected a conditioned blood glucose decrease to a conditioned stimulus (CS) previously paired with insulin and an, albeit lower, blood glucose decrease to a CS paired(More)
OBJECTIVE Classical conditioning of insulin effects was examined in healthy humans using a placebo-controlled design. This study examined whether subjects who experienced a conditioned stimulus (CS) paired with insulin in the acquisition phase of a conditioning protocol would show a conditioned decrease of blood glucose when receiving the CS with a placebo(More)
OBJECTIVE We addressed the question if patients with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) differ from participants with self-reported odor sensitivity without MCS and asymptomatic controls in terms of chemosensory, cognitive, and clinical psychological endpoints. METHODS In a clinical study 23 MCS patients, 21 participants with self-reported odor(More)
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